Spacious and overall nicely finished interior, great for socials and football matches but can get quite noisy and the quality of beers is arguable..

Riccardo Trevisani

Friendly staff and good selection of food and drink.

Jake Warn

Good deals on cocktails and other drinks, bar staff are friendly, manager thought it was more a club than bar in the early evening so turned the music way up stopping most conversation. Ask for it to be turned down as there were not many people there and no one was dancing but were ignored

Tomide Akinola

Opening Hours

Monday: 11am – 12pm

Tuesday: 11am – 12pm

Wednesday: 11am – 12pm

Thursday: 11am – 12pm

Friday: 11am – 12pm

Saturday: 11am – 12pm

Sunday: 11am – 12pm


Unit 5-6 Portswood Centre
136 Portswood Road
SO17 2NH

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